Sunday, 11 September 2011

Recent activities

It has been a while since I last wrote something. The financial market is hit by double worry, Euro debt problem plus slowing down US economy. I guess it will be a while for the market to sort out the direction. Therefore, I have took the pain to cash out on some of the holdings on loss. In hope that to avoid the volatility and able to buy it back at lower level. Chance for market to go down further? I think it is bigger than market make a u turn immediately. So, finger crossed, the politician is able to come together to finalise a good plan to revive US economy.

One of my holding C&O has cash offer from Shinogi. I have accepted the offer, in the view that the share won't be able to move higher in near future. The stock's key draw is the wide distribution network in China, but the near term earning was hit by policy change. I checked the last PE, it was about 15, consider higher among s-chip but lower than those listed in HK. Without competing offer, I think exit is the better option.

At the same time, I have received the scheme document from Hsu Fu Chi for the Nestle offer. Judging Nestle already has 58% and the hurdle is only 75% of total share, I guess it is just a matter of time. However, Hsu Fu Chi is really one of the stronger s chip on SGX. Just look at Want Want which went to HK market.

The number of better quality China company on SGX is getting less. I have started the study on HK listed China company. It is a whole new world on HKSE. There are so many stock with good story and business. My previous holding hongguo is preparing the listing on HK right now. Compare to hongguo, I will go with the market leader. The market leader is actually Belle International. The valuation is not cheap but maybe you pay for the quality. Waiting for further market weakness to make my foray.


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